4 thoughts on “Continuing Professional Development is ….

  1. I used to think that CPD is a random combo of letters and now that I think it is something useful that can be used to better my self and my attitude towards my profession.

    1. Dear Ilanit,

      We are so bombarded by acronyms that it is easy to completely disregard the meaning. I hope you stay inspired to better yourself professionally and that more importantly you continue to inspire your colleagues and students. Thank you for your comment.



  2. I used t think that cpd IS BORING. N ow, however, I am starting to think tit can be useful and educational for me. That is, as long as it serves my needs and is interesting!

    1. Hi Chen,
      As you are one of the first to comment on my blog I had forgotten that I need to approve your comments and that is why you couldn’t see it. I thank you for your participation In today’s workshop and totally agree with you, CPD must be interesting and useful. Keep at it.

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