Travelling – Destination Unknown (a double ‘Speaking’ lesson)

As I continue to work with my 10th grade students in the new ‘Keep Talking’ programme, I have created two lesson plans to supplement the approved speaking booklets. The lessons may be used to supplement the travel units, in each of the books, or as a standalone ‘speaking’ unit. The lesson plans are aimed at students from both intermediate and proficiency levels (CEFR levels A2/B1 – C1). I have provided suggested times, however, the lessons may need more or less time depending on the class.  My overarching objective in this course is to get the students speaking in pairs and small groups, and to make sure they both increase their lexis and their confidence, in a fun and engaging learning environment.

I have included the lesson plan and the PowerPoint for you to use with your classes.

I hope you and your students enjoy the lesson as much as I did.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments box below.

4 thoughts on “Travelling – Destination Unknown (a double ‘Speaking’ lesson)

  1. Hi Jane
    My name is Adva and I am an English teacher from the north of Israel. I attended the Etai Conference in Jerusalem this week and I was inspired from your lesson plans. I wanted to say thank you and to be happy to continue reading your blog.
    My daughter just graduated the 10th grade and was not taking part or heard about the programme you maintained and I was wondering ” how come”?
    Is it an ongoing programme for all 10th graders?

    1. Dear Adva,
      I am happy to hear that you found my presentation useful. I will continue to post lesson plans here on my blog. The lesson plans are stand alone lessons that can be taught outside the Keep Talking framework.

      The programme was only launched in February and March, in 7 cluster meetings across the country. Consequently it was difficult for many schools to fit the lessons into their timetable. However over 400 schools did take part and another 250 will be joining them in the coming school year.

      This program is available to every 10th grade student in Israel. However, schools do need to embrace it for it to happen.

      I suggest you check out the Keep Talking website.



  2. I really like the lesson plan, but I cannot use the presentation since it is for members only on slide share. Is this on purpose? If not, perhaps you can upload it to google drive and share it from there?

    1. Dear Daniel,
      As you probably noticed I haven’t updated this blog for a very long time. I am currently transferring all of the material here and adding other material to a Google Site. There everything is in Google Docs and GoogleSlides. I will send you a link when by the end of the week.

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