The Way Back Home – ESL lesson plan – Year 4

I recently gave an ESL lesson in my 9 year old’s Hebrew speaking class. The class have been studying English for almost two years. My aim was to give them a positive experience, integrate some digital tools to enhance the learning outcomes, and lastly to show the teacher that you can do interesting things beyond the textbook. I chose to teach The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers, and decided to use Quizlet for the very first time. The class was equipped with an overhead projector, speakers, an internet connection and a computer. I created the keywords list in English with Hebrew translations and decided to give it a go. The response was so exciting. The pupils liked the flashcards but loved scatter and race and were shouting out the words in English as they appeared in Hebrew on the screen. I typed the answers, to avoid choosing one lucky child, and we played as class a couple of times to beat our previous score. I chose to show the Youtube video of the story rather than the book itself to engage everybody whilst enabling even the pupils at the back of the room to participate. I have since then added a few things to the lesson plan and would like to invite you to collaborate on the lesson plan to make it more interesting. Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing your edits to the google doc provided here.

Collaborative lesson plan ‘The Way Back Home – Oliver Jeffers’