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Welcome to Route CPD to ELT, which I set up as one of the tasks that I had to do as part of the Learning Technologies course I recently participated in. I have been reluctant to set up a blog for a long time as although I read a number of blogs on a regular basis I am well aware that a blog needs to be updated regularly to be of any interest. However, as a teacher trainer who believes that ongoing professional development is the cornerstone of professionalism I decided to take up the challenge.

I am a qualified English Language Teaching professional with 19 years of experience in ELT management, teacher training and teaching in Israel and Australia. My work in schools and more recently at the British Council have led me to believe that I, like so many teachers, thrive in a team environment and that the best educational outcomes are the results of creative teams, which focus on conceptualising, consulting, collaborating and ultimately creating a learner-centred culture of thinking.

I can be found on Twitter but there am more of a lurker than a contributor, and on LinkedIn where I am quite active. I have recently discovered that the best and latest CPD can be found online. I will share with you some of my CPD experiences on this blog.

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